What is a Peruvian Frazada?

Well, there is no exact translation from Spanish to English. The closest would be “Thick Blanket” but they are used for a wide range of purposes. A frazada (if you’re not already familiar) can be used as a rug, a throw, a blanket, or can be hung on a wall to appreciate the vibrancy of color and intricacy of design. Frazadas are are completely organic in composition.  They are Hand-woven on a blackstrap loom from a blend of sheep and alpaca wool and has been dyed naturally with indigenous flora native to the Peruvian Andes; flowers, plants and minerals. Each frazada is unique and ranges in content, weight and size. On average about 6 x 5 feet. Each piece can weigh anywhere from 7-12 lbs.

Types Of Peruvian Frazadas


Stripe+ Pattern

Full Pattern



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